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Which is the best method to treat blocked coronary arteries?

Q: I recently got an angiography done. The reports say that two of my valves are collapsed. Should I go for angioplasty or open heart surgery, which is better? What will be the expenditure for both? What will be the procedure if I get operated in India?

A:I am not sure from your report whether your two valves are blocked or it is that two of your arteries are blocked. As I can see from subsequent description, it is likely that your valves are not involved but it is your coronary arteries which are blocked. So kindly clarify on this front. Number two, decision regarding angioplasty/bypass surgery can only be taken after viewing the angiography film or at least seeing the detailed angiography report. Certain blockages are of such nature that they are not either suitable for balloon angioplasty or are not expected give a good results and in those cases, bypass surgery is indicated. Bypass surgery can be performed in India and the cost of surgery would be around Rs. 1,50,000/- (Indian Rupees). If it is angioplasty, then it depends on the numbers of stents and the other disposables that one has to use and it could cost anything between Rs. 2.0 – 3.5 Lacs depending on the disposables used. I would suggest you to please forward the detailed angiography pictures and the report so that we can give you a more detail answer on this front. Regarding the formalities involved for treatment in India, they are fairly simplified now and once we have the detailed angiography report then we will provide you with a medical certificate on the basis of which you can get visa for India and come to us for treatment. Now days we do not tackle blocked coronary arteries by open heart surgery and perform what is called Beating Heart Surgery which is a very user friendly and the patient is usually up and about walking two days after the surgery with very good long term results.


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