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When will the soft spot on my child's head close?

Q: My 21 months old daughter was born through a caesarean section. She has reached her milestones and is doing well. The soft spot on her head hasn't closed yet. Her paediatrician, after examining the CT scan, says that there is nothing to worry. She is normal in her activities, picks up rhythms and songs very fast. When will this soft spot close? Its about 1inch and shapeless. We are giving her calcium (ostocalcium). She is 85 cms in height and weighs 11.5 kg.

A:The delay in the closure of the anterior fontanelle, the soft spot on her head could be a normal variation since she is doing well on all accounts. The common causes for the delay include hydrocephalus (large head with collection of fluid in the brain), hypothyroidism (poor function of thyroid gland) or rickets (abnormal bone development due to a variety of causes). In all these situations the baby generally has a delay in her development and other tell tale evidences of the disease on clinical evaluation. The soft spot may close in another 3 months most probably. There is no harm in continuing with calcium.


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