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When will my child hold her head straight?

Q: My 7.5-month-old baby was born premature at 33 weeks. She was admitted in NICU for about 45 days as she had inguinal hernia problem for which she underwent a surgery. Now she is alright, but she is unable to hold her head straight. She weighs only 6 kg. I have been giving her only lactogen since she was three months old and now I am giving her cow's milk as per the doctor's advice. When will she hold her head straight?

A:A full-term baby can hold her head by four months of age. Your child should be holding her head at this age even if we take her prematurity into account. I would suggest that a paediatrician should evaluate her development. This is in any case recommended for all NICU graduates. I would not be too worried about her weight, if it has been steadily increasing. But it is time to add some semi-solids to her diet.


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