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When should surgery for cleft lip be done in a child?

Q: My daughter who is 15 days old weighing 2.5 kgs has a cleft lip with anterior palate since birth. She sleeps well, takes breast milk properly and has no other problems. I stay in Bangalore but the delivery of my wife was in Udupi. Can you please advise me when should this surgery be done, a good doctor and where should I get this operation i.e. in Udupi (Manipal Hospital) or Bangalore or anywhere else. Also sugest me a good plastic surgeon, for which I will ever remain greatful to you sir.

A:Surgery for cleft lip is done at about 8-10 weeks of age. You may get in touch with the following paediatric surgeons in Bangalore who will advise you. Dr. Ashley D'Cruz - St. John's Hospital Dr. Jayanth Iyengar


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