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When should Eltroxin tablet be taken by a thyroid patient?

Q: I am a thyroid patient for 12 years. I am taking one tablet of Eltroxin 100mcg daily during any time in the day. I have not got FT3,FT4 and TSH tested for the last several years. Earlier this month, on the advise of the doctor, I got these tests done and the results are as follows: Results Units Ref Range FT3 2.42 pMOL/L (2.5-5.5) FT4 7.11 pMOL/L (9.0-25.0) TSH 51.89 ulU/ml (0.25-5.0) When I showed the results the doctor said that the TSH was very high. I was advised to take one tablet eltroxin 100 mcg daily for 15-20 days on an empty stomach and then repeat TSH. I am physically normal and want your expert opinion on whether I should go ahead with the above advice or not?

A:It is unclear if the dose of Eltroxin you are taking is inadequate or if you have not been taking the Eltroxin daily. It would be best to take the Eltroxin on an empty stomach in the morning daily and to repeat the TSH after 2 months (not 2 weeks). The TSH should be between 0.5-5.0 mIU/l. Depending on the TSH value, the dose of Eltroxin may have to be further adjusted.


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