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When should a newborn be breast-fed after birth?

Q: When should a newborn be breast fed after birth? What kind of a diet should a mother take after before and child birth to remain healthy? What is the right temperature for a newborn?

A:A newborn should be fed within the first hour of life in case of a normal birth and within fours (recommended) of a C-section delivery. The mother needs to take a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates; around 3000 calories per day to breast-feed her baby. The mother and baby should be kept in as close contact as possible, and within the same room for sure. Breast feed the baby on demand, i.e. whenever the baby cries, round the clock, breast feeding must be every 3-4 hours even during the night for the first six months of life. The baby needs to be kept warm, even during the Delhi summer. The head of the baby must be kept covered so that the baby does not lose heat from the scalp.


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