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When can I start breast feeding my two-month-old son again?

Q: My two-month-old is on formula milk. I breast-feed him only once at night because of lack of breast milk. Recently, I had a sprain in my neck, so I took two tablets of Esgypyrin (500 mg Paracetamol + 50 mg Diclofenac Sodium). I have not fed my son since I took the tablets. When can I start breast feeding him again?

A:You are depriving your child of the most precious gift you can give him - your milk. It is protective - through out his life, is the most balanced food available, makes both of you bond. Please breast feed him as often as he is hungry, at least put him to breast first and then feed him. Putting him to breast will stimulate production of breast milk and you will automatically start secretion milk for him. There is no such thing as not enough milk - it is only in your mind.


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