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When can a child be made to sleep in a separate room?

Q: My son is 3.4 years old and sleeps with us. I would also like to know at what age can children be made to sleep in a separate room. How does one go about it?

A:The time to start separate sleeping arrangements is now. Some parents do this much earlier. Make it a treat for him to have his own room. Put up lively pictures on the wall. Let his toys be stored in the room. Stay with him till he falls asleep. A dim light could be left "ON" in the room. He should feel free to call out to you if he feels scared. If the child is healthy, there should be no problem at all. Sometimes you may wish to let him come into your room after he is awake in the morning. Everything should be handled naturally and not as though a separate room is some kind of rejection. It should be discussed as a treat for growing up. You can work out the details of decorating the child's room, etc. with your partner.


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