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What triggers sinus infection?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman who had a sinus attack 5 months back. The doctor gave me Cetzine and a nasal puff and asked me to take steam inhalations regularly. After a month, my condition improved. He also asked me to avoid curd. I had no trouble for 2 months but now I am getting symptoms of sinus infection again. I don't know what triggered it as I am living in the same place for the past 15 years and there is no change in environment or food. I experience severe headache in morning with heaviness in the head and one side of the nose is usually blocked. How can sinus problem be treated permanently? What could trigger it? What other medicine can I take for quick relief?

A:Sinuses are air filled cavities around nose. Any inflammation of nose can lead to inflammation of sinuses and this can be due to allergy, infection or a combination of both. In allergic rhinitis one has frequent sneezing, watery/ whitish/ yellowish nasal discharge and nasal blockage. In infection patients have dirty thick greenish discharge with sinus pain and blockage. Headache is caused by collection of secretions in the sinuses due to blockage of the drainage sites of sinuses due to inflammation. Treatment is started on clinical grounds. Sinusitis needs long term medical treatment as blood supply of sinuses is poor. In refractory cases CT scan helps in knowing the exact extent of the disease. You need to see an ENT doctor for assessment and management of your sinus problem.


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