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What to do in case of vesical outflow obstruction?

Q: I am suffering from bilateral idiopathic hydronephrosis and vesical outflow tract obstruction. Kindly advise whether this can be treated with medicines? If not, what are the alternatives?

A:If you have vesical outflow obstruction, this may be the cause of hydronephrosis. Tell me your age, amount of residual urine on ultrasound and uroflowmetry report. How about the kidney functions on DTPA scan? Whether this scan shows obstruction or not? Do you have any spinal problem? What does your urologist says about this? The most important thing in your case is that you should not be losing kidney functions. For this, get DTPA scan every six months for two years. If there is loss of function, you need to be treated for obstructive cause. There is no medicine.


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