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What to do, if the child prefers only breast feeds?

Q: My son is one and a half months old. My wife breast feeds him and sometimes pumps out the milk when she needs to attend her college and feeds the baby by the bottle. But for the last two days, the baby is rejecting the bottle. He only wants breast feed. As a result my wife can't do bottle feeding and has to miss her classes. What can be done so that the baby takes feed from the bottle in case of urgency?

A:It would be ideal if your wife could extend her leave. One & half month old baby is too small to be left without his mothers care. Feeding is just one aspect of it. If she must continue with her job, an option is spoon feeding from a cup. Sucking from the breast & bottle involve different mechanisms. Therefore, very often, babies prefer to take through one of them only. They would accept cup & spoon feeding. Hand washing, use of clean utensils is mandatory while using any mode of feeding, apart from breast milk to prevent development of infection.


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