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What to do if a child is extremely naughty?

Q: I have a nephew aged 4 years old who is extremely naughty. People are so upset with him that they beat and tie him up because he is uncontrollable. Some of the things he does are: Shouting very loudly at a high pitch using all the bad words he knows; spilling water on the remote control; spitting on and kicking the elders; removing his clothes and going onto the road; making a big mess while eating with his hands. If someone from the house goes outside he has to go along otherwise he screams, hits out or bangs the door hard. If anything asked by him is not provided immediately, he brings the roof down with his screams. When angry, he throws anything available within his reach at any target he sees. What is more painful is that there is an 8 month old baby whom he suddenly hits or carries off and drops him. His mother is very upset. If this goes on both he and the little baby will get spoilt. I request you to suggest any Rehabilitation Centre/Hostel/Psychiatrist who can save their lives. We are staying in Bangalore.

A:The best course of action would be to consult any expert in NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences) who will be able to guide the family. NIMHANS is a little away from the centre of Bangalore. The telephone directory or an EICHER map should be able to get you there. Part of the boys problems could have started after the birth of his baby brother. Some counselling in that connection would be necessary. But since his problems have extreme and possibly risky consequences for everyone, immediate attention is VITAL. There is no need to feel that only mad people go to a Psychiatrist. Getting help at the right time, as you suggest is VERY important. Please do this soon. Prof. Srinivasa Murty used to be the Director, when I was last in touch. There is also Dr. Shekhar Seshadri at NIMHANS who could get you to the right person for your nephews treatment. Please be calm and firm, but get the boy to see an expert soon.


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