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What to do if a baby is not feeding well?

Q: My daughter is 90 days old. Before the first DPT injection she was 4.5 kg but after that she doesn’t show interest in feeding either mother’s milk or lactogen. She has lost weight and before the 2nd DPT, about a month ago, she was 4.25 Kg. Now she has become very lean and looks pale. As per the doctor's advice, I give her VI-syneral-zinc drops and five 100ml feeds. But even after a 5 hour gap she doesn’t cry for feed. When forced she drinks only 10-30 ml and some times vomits that also. Even when I feed her she doesn’t suck but turns her head. I also express milk and feed her but the result is the same. She is active - says aah; makes a round on floor. I am very worried. Please suggest any drops that would make her feed well and help her put on weight. Can I go for 3rd DPT which is due this month?

A:Normal infants gain at least 600 gm weight/month at 3-4 months age. As your daughter has lost weight instead of gaining and she is also not feeding well, there may be a problem with her. You should record her feed for 24 hrs for 2 days and then consult your doctor. He may get her investigated for infection in urine, blood, chest etc. Less intake of fluids and milk can cause an electrolyte problem too. Consult your pediatrician soon to handle the problem.


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