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What tests do I need to undergo for hepatitis?

Q: I am suffering from viral hepatitis since 8 months. My LFT is as follows: SGOT (AST): 28.00 U/L, SGPT (ALT): 22.00 U/L, GGTP: 13.00 U/L, Alkaline Phosphatase: 166.00, Bilirubin Total: 3.20 mg/dL, Bilirubin Direct: 0.70 mg/dL, Bilirubin Indirect: 2.50 mg/dL, Protein Total: 8.00 g/DL, Albumin: 4.90 g/dL, A:G Ratio: 1.58. Please suggest what I should do?

A:As you are suffering from hepatitis for the last 8 months, it would be important to know your Liver tests at the early part of your illness. Your current LFT show liver enzymes, which are in normal range, while the bilirubin is raised. However the bilirubin rise is predominantly of unconjugated fraction, meaning thereby that it is essential to evaluate you for any haemolytic disorder (where the red blood cells break down and cause jaundice). Therefore, I would suggest that you should have the following tests done: - Tests for haemolysis - CBC, reticulocyte count, peripheral blood smear, LDH, etc - Viral markers - for hepatitis B, C , A and E - Ultrasound upper abdomen You need to be reviewed by a liver specialist with above tests. Sometimes a benign disorder called Gilbert’s syndrome can also lead to persistence of low grade jaundice.


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