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What should we do when our child gets convulsion?

Q: Our 9 years old child is suffering from cerebral palsy (spastic) and is totally dependent on us for everything. He cannot speak, walk or sit. He just lies down and most of the times, keeps his arms and body very tight. But, when he gets a convulsion, his entire body becomes very lose and he doesn't respond to us. We feel absolutely helpless to see our child suffering in front of us and are unable to do anything. Please tell us some remedies that can be helpful when he gets convulsion.

A:Here are a few suggestions, which will help you in managing your child: - Do not insert a spoon, finger or any object in the mouth. - Keep him lying and turn him to one side so that he does not draw secretions into his lungs. - Loosen any tight clothing and do not forcibly restrain him. - Remember that 75% convulsion last less than 2.5 minutes, do not panic. - Buy three 1 ml syringes. Buy Inj Midaz or Inj Fulsed that contains 5 mg/ml of midazolam (not 1 mg/ml). Keep it in the fridge. Things to be done during the fit a) Take 1 ml of the solution in the syringe b) Remove the needle c) Put the syringe in the nostril with his head back, and put 2 drops in each nostril till the syringe is empty. d) Turn his head to one side again. This is one of the best ways of controlling fits at home. If the fit is lasting more than 4-5 minutes, you should move him to a hospital.


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