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What should I start feeding my 6 months old?

Q: My daughter is a pre-term baby about to complete 6 months. She does not take any of the spray dried milk and is entirely dependent on my feed. I feel that she is never full because she keeps suckling throughout the day and does not even sleep during the day time, keeps getting up some 3-4 times in the night as well. Please suggest what should I start feeding her with as I am very concerned about her weight and growth. Her birth weight was 1.2 kg and now she weighs just 5 kg.

A:Your daughter ought to weigh about 9 kg on her first birthday. If she does, she will have made up her weight as any other normal baby. As she is 6 months old, you are right, just your milk is not enough for her. You can start her on semi solids first and then 3 months later on solids. Start one food at a time, one week apart. Suji ki kheer, suji ka halwa, mashed banana, apple kheer, very well mashed khichdi are some good home cooked options. Feed her freshly prepared food, a katori full at a time, 2-3 hours apart, based on demand. Home cooked food, fed in a sterilised katori and spoon are the best. If you do not have the time, then Cerelac and other ready made preparations are available in the market. Just a word of caution, do not overdilute these preparations. Always feed your baby pre-boiled and cooled water. Always intermix breastfeeds with these feeds. Try to give her a heavy meal like halwa before she goes off to sleep at night as this will keep her full longer and she will wake up less during the night.


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