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What should I do when my son get fits?

Q: What should we do when our 15 months old child get fits? How many types of fits are there? He gets fits with fever.

A:Your child is probably having febrile seizures (FS). The FS are called simple FS if the fits occur once in 24 hours, last for less than 15 minutes, involve the whole body and your child is developmentally normal.

  • In 30% of children, FS will recur 3 or more times.
  • The FS occur in 5% of children less than 5 years old, and will stop by 5 years of age in 98% cases.
  • The simple FS will not damage the brain, cause mental retardation, etc.
  • In about a third of these children the fit may occur and you will find the child has fever soon after the fit - these are also FS.
  • As a precaution you can use Tab Clobazam (5mg) 1 tab twice daily (you can grind it and mix with little milk) for 3 days whenever your child has fever 100 degree F or above. The medicine may cause temporary drowsiness.
  • During the fit, do not put a spoon or finger in the mouth, do not lift the child, do not put water in his mouth. Keep him lying down, head turned to one side, and loosen all tight clothing.
  • Majority of fits last for less than 3 minutes.
  • If the fit is lasting for a longer period than this, take him to the hospital.


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