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What should I do for sudden loss of hearing?

Q: My problem is that I am unable to hear through right ear. The problem started last month. I used to hear sounds from both the ears, and suddenly one day I got giddiness and I could not hear from the right ear. Initially I had an infection in the left ear, there used to be a discharge from the left ear. I consulted the doctor who said there is a hole in the ear drum, seeing the CT mastoid scan. The problem in the left ear started 6 years back. Coming to the right ear, I consulted the doctor who is unable to diagnose the problem. He said that, there may be problem in the inner ear. The inner ear of the right side got damaged while the giddiness came last month. The doctor said there is no cure for this disease because the reason for the hearing loss in the right ear is still not discovered. And he also said there may be a small tumour in the sensory nerve of the right ear. The doctor also did some tests - audiometry, it says that there is hearing loss of 25 dB in the left ear and 75 dB in the right ear. Please help me to get my hearing back.

A:Sudden loss of hearing in one ear with a bout of giddiness, with no history of any previous ear discharge, generally means that the inner ear has been affected and maybe the nerve responsible for hearing has been affected. A CT scan or an MRI will give some information about the process. You should take care of the left ear which is discharging and is still better than the right ear. If you take the right advice from your ENT surgeon, you may be able to keep the left ear still as the better hearing ear. I would advise you to see the best specialist in your city and not to worry.


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