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What should I do for severe pain in the neck?

Q: I am a female who got severe pain in the neck yesterday. The neck has become bulgy at the back in the centre and immobile. The pain is felt at the left side shoulder and mid back and lower back also. I have a headache too. This keeps occurring from time to time, mostly due to exposure to cold air, like sudden rain or a cooler. But in this situation, I become totally incapacitated and my neck becomes very stiff and painfully immobile. I become handicapped and dependent. Though, I get relief with hot-water-bottle treatment and volvini cream, but it comes back later. Some reasons that aggravate the pain are sudden exposure to cold, bad posture and constant sitting on the computer. I have been getting these attacks in 4-6 months gap. Please advise.

A:You do need medical attention. You are also aware of the causes in your case and that is a good thing. I suggest you get an X-ray of your cervical spine and go to a nearby physiotherapy clinic. You should take: - Short wave diathermy. - Intermittent cervical Traction. - Interferential therapy. - Neck and shoulder Girdle Exercises. - Postural Correction. - Learn Dos and Don'ts in your case. You will need about 10–12 sessions at the clinic and then carry out the exercises regularly twice a day as a part of your daily routine and follow the Do’s and Don'ts.


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