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What should I do for gallstones?

Q: I am a 39 years old male. Fifteen days ago I was hospitalised for severe pain in my upper abdomen. Multiple stones of size varying from 5-6 mm were found in my gall bladder. Common bile duct (CBD) is of normal caliber and is 4 mm. The gall bladder walls as well as intra-hepatic biliary radicals are normal. Impression: cholelithiasis. Other investigations like X-ray (KUB) and haematology (except lymphocytes 54% against normal 20-45%) and biochemistry of blood are normal. In view of size and nature of gallstones, kindly Let me know the following: Is it urgent to go for surgery for the removal of gallstones? May I skip surgery? What type of surgery should I go for, laparoscopic or general? Is there any alterative method of removing gallstones, allopathy, homeopathy or aurvedic? Kindly prescribe medicines for immediate relief of pain. What type of diet should I take?

A:1. There is no urgency to have the surgery immeditely but however, you should not postpone it beyond a few weeks at most. It is possible that one of the stones slips into the bile duct and causes obstructive jaundice which will make the surgery more major. Also you may get further attacks of pain. At your age I do not advice skipping of surgery. 2. Laparoscopic surgery is the best choice leaving the surgeons to decide whether an open operation is required in case laparoscopic surgery is not successful. 3. I dont think alternate methods of treatment will be successful in your case. 4. Any antispasmodic drug which your physician prescribes can be taken for temporary relief of pain. 5. Since stones have already formed no specific dietary restriction is required at present.


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