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What should I do for body pain and muscular spasms?

Q: I was diagnosed with loss of the lower lumbar spondylosis precisely ten years go. However, I noticed that I normally have body pain and muscular spasms which in the last three years are becoming severe. I sometimes feel the pains around my waist, shoulders, and the neck. Please advise on what to do, and the right exercise or medication that I can take to reduce the pain. Will it require surgery?

A:I suggest you get an X-ray of your lumbar as well as your cervical spine and a detailed clinical examination done. Only then would one be able to tell you exactly the exercises to be done. In the meantime, I suggest, you take rest and do some hot water fomentation for your neck and back.

  • Take care of your postures while lying, sitting and sleeping.
  • Do some deep breathing exercises.
  • Do not lift weights.
  • Do not lie down and watch T.V. or read books . As per your clinical picture your therapist will advice you the correct exercises and any belts or corsets if required.


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