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What should I do for a fatty liver and abdominal pain?

Q: I am a 40 years old man. I am having mild pain in my stomach in the front right side region immediately below the ribcage. The doctor examined me and ruled out lung infection or liver enlargement. As advised, I had an ultrasound of the upper abdomen, which indicated no stones in the gall bladder and grade 1 fatty lever. I never drink, but as city life entails, there is an element of oily food and sedentary lifestyle. Now I am on Mebiz SR and Satrogyl 300 (1 BD each) for last two days. There is marginal improvement in the pain, but not much. The pain is not continuous but very distracting. My appetite is normal. Am I undergoing the right course of treatment?

A:It appears that you have more of life style related problems. The issue that need to be addressed in your case are:

  1. Fatty liver: it is in its early stages and completely reversible.
  2. Overweight: I think this is the most important bit. You really need to lose weight by dietary modification and exercises.
  3. Pain/discomfort upper abdomen: this is likely to be transient and should not be a cause of worry.
  4. In view of fatty liver, I suggest that you should get these tests done: LFT, lipid profile, blood sugar (fasting).


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