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What should a person on dialysis eat?

Q: What can kidney patients who are undergoing dialysis eat? What should be their food habits? Is there any chance to cure the kidney patients who are with 40% working kidney, without transplantation? What is your advice? I need an elaborate list of vegetables, fruits, and dishes.

A:Patients on adequate dialysis should have 1.2 gms / kg of protein, 53 kcal/kg body weight. In layman practice in India, it would mean higher amounts of proteins {chicken, fish, dals, soya, cheese) however even on dialysis the salt & fluid intake must be restricted to 4 gms and about a 1-1.5 litres of fluid /day. The potassium in the diet also need to be restricted i.e. no chocolates, dry fruits, citrus, fruit juices or soups. Foods should be eaten in moderation and more frequently. As far as recovery of kidney function or cure of kidney disease is concerned it would depend on the cause of kidney failure & type of kidney disease. Kidney transplant or dialysis is required in a patient with irreversible kidney failure with kidney function less than 10-15 %. A specific prescription can only be given by the treating physician or nephrologist.


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