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What precautions should I take for my kidney problem?

Q: I was a patient of bilateral hydronephrosis. After taking medicine from CMCH, Vellore, I was almost cured though, my serum creatinine level in blood varies from 1.6 - 1.7. What precaution should I take to be remain alright? If any medicine is required, please let me know.

A:Your creatinine levels indicate that depending on your age/sex and other factors, your kidneys are function at approximately 60-70% range (this is a rough estimate). Now, I am not sure what caused your hydronephrosis but most important precaution would be to prevent that factor from causing it again. Other precautions would be: 1. Keep your blood pressure under control. 2. If you are a diabetic, strictly control your blood sugars. 3. Quit smoking, if you do. 4. Regularly see your doctor about this and follow his advice.


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