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What precautions should I take for liver cirrhosis?

Q: I had a problem in the right side of my abdomen since the last six years. Five years back I got severe pain in the abdomen. After investigating the doctors said that the problem was due to gallstones. I took treatment for a week and the pain subsided and I resumed my normal duties. After that there was no pain. Under the advice of a doctor I underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy and haemorrhoidectomy. While doing the operation the surgeon noticed enlargement of the liver and sent for biopsy. The report suggested cirrhosis. Since the last six months I have been fine. The doctor prescribed medicines like nenewliv and pantocid 40 mg. I used to take alcohol twice a week but have stopped it now. I feel inflammation in the liver region. My BP is 140/80 and I don't have diabetes. I have never had jaundice and all my clinical tests are normal. Two days back my liver function test and USG of the abdomen was done which was all normal. SGOT is 49 and SGPT is 54 mg/dl. I request you to please examine my case and kindly inform me the precautions to be taken?

A:From the details you have provided, it appears that you are suffering from incidentally detected cirrhosis. We do come across this sort of situation sometimes. It was good on the surgeon's part to take a liver biopsy during your surgery, which confirmed your liver cirrhosis. Now the following aspects need to be stressed upon: - The cause for cirrhosis should be ascertained. The alcohol you had consumed in past could be the most likely cause. However, you should get viral markers, autoimmune profile, iron studies, etc which your doctor can advise. - Stop alcohol completely. - Take a good nutritious diet, restrict salt intake. Take a multivitamin. Keep record of your weight monthly. Report any increase to your doctor as it may a sign of water accumulation in your body. - Keep in regular touch with a Hepatologist (Liver Specialist) - For further evaluation you will need Ultrasound of liver, upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy, etc.


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