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What precautions should be taken after a non-mesh hernia repair?

Q: I recently underwent surgery for repair of inguinal hernia. It was an open non-mesh repair. In the process the surgeon discovered that I had hydrocoele too. I was operated accordingly. After two weeks of complete rest I am back to work. I am off a two wheeler for the next 2 months as per the doctor's advice and hence travelling by bus and auto. My work involves long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Most of the web sites do not seem to be advocating non-mesh repair. They all seem to be stressing the advantages of mesh repair and one even talked about the latest laparoscopic surgery to be the best. How long would it take for me to come back to complete normalcy? When can I start doing yogasanas? Can I do workouts in gym, if so from when? When can I start riding a two wheeler? Given the kind of surgery that has been performed on me how would my quality of life be going ahead? What can I do best for a speedy recovery and a healthy life going forward? Are there any other dos and don'ts? Two years back I had a problem with one of my discs (L4/L5). The doctor who examined me said that it was a disc prolapse and I was off work for 2 weeks and off two wheeler for 2-3 months. I was wearing the belt for 2-3 months and stopped wearing it after that.

A:Mesh repair of a hernia has a recurrence rate below 1%. A non-mesh repair in the best hands has a recurrence rate of about 2%. Therefore mesh repair is slightly better. However the chances that you will not have a recurrence are still much better than 90%. Laparoscopic is about as good as open repair. Do not be concerned that your repair was open. You should be nearly normal by now. Drive a scooter, or go to the gym, or do yoga, about 6-8 weeks after surgery. Your quality of life should be excellent. Do: Do live a normal life after 8 weeks are complete. Don't: Don't worry.


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