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What precautions does my mother need to take after a hip ball replacement therapy?

Q: What precautions and dietary modifications are needed after the replacement of hip ball? The age of the patient is 60 years and weighs about 40 to 45 kg.

A:You have not mentioned the date of the surgery. Your mother must have been taught some exercises in the hospital after the surgery for the hip, knee and ankle. She needs to continue those exercises. If she is walking on a walker, she will gradually be put on a cane later. She should follow the following precautions: 1. When sitting, keep your knees below your hips (sitting on a small pillow helps) 2. Avoid crossing your legs while lying down or sitting. 3. Avoid bending down on the waist. 4. Sit with your legs three to six inches apart. 5. Do not turn or sleep on operated hip. 6. Do not twist your body. 7. Don't turn your feet inwards while standing or walking. 8. Avoid prolonged sitting at a stretch to avoid flexion contracture at the hip. 9. In future if your mother needs to go for any type of dental treatment or another surgery, make sure you inform the dentist or the doctor so that she can be given antibiotics beforehand to avoid infection of the prosthesis. Even if she needs any electrotherapy treatment, make sure the therapist is informed of the prosthesis. 10. If your mother needs to travel by air, inform the security about the prosthesis in advance. 11. Report to your doctor for regular follow-ups. There is no need for any special diet as long as she takes a proper balanced diet and milk adequately.


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