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What precautions do I have to observe after angioplasty?

Q: I underwent angioplasty 15 days back and a drug-coated stent was implanted due to blockage in LAD artery. I am 52 years old and taking Cordmil 2.5, Clopid and Metelor 50 in the morning and Clopid, Ecospirin 150, Lytorin 20 and Metelor 50 in the night. What restrictions and precautions do I need to observe and for how long as far as physical and marital activities are concerned? The doctor says that except for restrictions in food i.e. low fat food, I can have a normal routine. Can I drive my car, scooter or cycle? Can I take red wine; will it help me in anyway? I am a casual drinker, non-smoker, non-diabetic, I do not have high blood pressure, but I have slightly high triglycerides (200). Do I need total restriction of alcohol and aerated drinks?

A:The primary aim of angioplasty is to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life. So there are no restrictions to your activities and after a treadmill test you should infact exercise regularly. You should modify your risk factors. Your goal LDL should be 70 or less and your HDL more than 40. BP should be less than 130/85. Red wine raises HDL (good Cholesterol) but the calories in the wine can increase triglycerides. You have to decrease processed carbohydrate intake (substitute polished rice with unpolished one) and exercise regularly to get rid of any tummy to decrease triglycerides.


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