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What precautions can I take to alleviate my back problem?

Q: I have a disc prolapse problem for the last 12 years. It was in L4-L5 and S1 earlier and as per the doctor that has got ossified now. This time I had a problem in L3-L4. Please tell me about ossification and ways to prevent this from happening again. Does exertion increase the chances of pain attack? Also advise me on the exercises that I can do to reduce weight?

A:Ossification is a process by which degenerated discs develop calcium deposits and appear on x-rays. Normally, discs are not visualized on x-rays. Quiet often, degenerated disc spaces shows bone formation as a protective mechanism to provide stability (osteophyte formation). Therefore, you need not worry about this. Problem comes if this osteophyte pinches a nerve. Patients who have had disc prolapse for a long time are vulnerable to a second disc prolapse. This is because the stresses of the back that are normally shared between multiple discs get distributed to lesser number of discs. The best way of preventing this include several or all of the following life style changes:

  • Staying active with regular exercise including extension exercises of the back.
  • Avoid prolonged and continuous sitting, you could break continued sitting with intermittent walking.
  • Avoid excessive driving.
  • Avoid repetitive bending.
  • Lifting heavy loads may make you vulnerable so avoid it.
  • Smoking has been reported to increase your vulnerability so stop smoking if you smoke.
  • Avoid weight gain and maintain good body proportions for your height. You could consult your physician for the optimum weight for your height.
  • The bottom line is some develop disc prolapse despite all precautions.


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