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What kinds of food should one eat while travelling?

Q: What should be a balanced diet for persons who travel and have improper eating habits. Such habits normally lead to acidity, putting on weight etc. Also what are the various ways and means of reducing the stress levels in todays professionaly challenged work environments.

A:Eating a balanced diet is important wherever you are and failure to do so can put your health at risk. Aim to eat plenty fruits and vegetables a day (juice, tinned and dried fruit all count). A good tip : If in doubt when you are travelling, go vegetarian. In addition, there are six basic foodstuffs which you should include in your diet: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, and water. Examples include cereals (including rice), bread, sugar, potatoes and other root vegetables. Avoid fats if you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease or overweight. If youre going to be away for long periods of time and think you will have trouble keeping a balanced diet, consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Eat nutritiously, take your vitamins, and be well rested and hydrated before any long trips. This will help your body fight off colds and flu during travel and adjust more quickly to jet lag. When flying, remember that you should drink one glass of water for every hour you spend in-flight; carry your own bottle of water if necessary.


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