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What kind of exercises should I do after a ACL tear in the knee?

Q: I had a ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear one year back and a meniscus injury. I had surgery done and still have plates in my knee. Now a days I do half squats with 80 kg, leg curl 30 kg and leg presses with 80 kg. If I do leg extensions, then my pain increases. I do jogging too. Please suggest if my workout is right or suggest me any good workout for my knee?

A:For you, the best would be to get some impact-free exercise like brisk walking or swimming instead of jogging. The impact that it creates on the knees will not hold you to good stead for very long, especially if you have had an injury. Likewise, very heavy weights during strength training can have an adverse effect. Pain is a sign that not all is ok, so do not strain it or there will be repercussions. You can alternately try to do more repetitions with lighter weights. This will not give you the bulk in your muscles but at least you will be injury-free.


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