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What kind of an infertility causing genetic problem do I have?

Q: I am an Indian age 35, working in Saudi Arabia, married three years back. My wife got three abortions and all in the 5th week of her pregnancy due to 'No Growth' of the fetus. Chromosomal Analysis was done of both of us. My wife's reports are normal but my report shows the following: Karyotype: 46, XY ; t(2,3,7), Diagnosis: Male karyotype showing translocation between 2,3 and 7 chromosomes. There is 50% chance of having a normal child. However, prenatal diagnosis advised for subsequent pregnancy and clinical correlation is suggested. I would like to know what is translocation and what is the reason for this abnormality? Is it curable? My doctor advised me to take vitamin and Folic Acid tablets daily. In the year 1991 I suffered from Tuberculosis of the lungs and took medicines for nearly one year and was cured completely. Is there any relation betwen this translocation of the chomosomes and TB or the medicines I used for a long time. I shall be thankful to you for clearing my doubts and suggestions.

A:This is a complex balanced translocation involving three chromosomes. Most translocations involve two chromosomes. It is usual to have risk of abortions if one of the partners has a balanced translocation. In this case the risk may be more than 50 % as three chromosomes are involved. The patient is advised to consult a geneticist. We can provide sensitive advice by email without talking with the persons concerned.


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