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What is wrong with my stomach?

Q: I am suffering from stomach infection for the last 2 years. It actually started 2 years ago but I realised it only a few days back. I was so depressed thinking I may have liver cancer. I went ahead and got all the tests done as per the doctor from stool, sugar, thyroid, liver, and the whole abdomen. When nothing came out in my reports, I could not decide what to do. I have tried all types of medicines from allopathic to herbal to ayurvedic. I am fed up and have stopped taking any medicines. I went into depression, then my dad took me to our family doctor who said there is nothing but a stomach infestation. The symptoms were: abdominal pain, vomiting, mucus in stools, bacteria in stools, irregular bowel movements, excessive gas, loss and damaged hair, not very good immune system, fever, unexplainable fatigue, weakness even after eating too much.

A:Irritable (or functional) bowel syndrome is a frequent and annoying condition, but it can be regarded as a nuisance rater than a disease since the overall prognosis is not detrimental in terms of the condition advancing to a more serious disorder. Cancer is not an outcome nor does cancer have the same persistence of basic bowel symptoms . In most subjects, increased fiber in the diet (eg, more bran cereal) will help. A good herb, with an increased effect of a similar type, is psyllium with water. There is some evidence that the herb milk thistle can improve liver function and this is worth trying.


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