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What is wrong with my child's urinary tract?

Q: I have a son who is 9 months old. There are pus cells in his urine. Please give details on pus cells in urine. He has an obstruction in his urinary tract from birth. On the 2nd day the doctors did surgery and an artificial urine outlet was created above his penis. At present two outlets (artificial urine outlet and penis) are functioning. What is the permanent remedy for the above problem? Medicine recommended daily: Furadantin 50 mg - 1/2 tablet.

A:It appears that your son has posterior urethral valves for which this diversion of urine has been done. I think it is now time that a definitive surgery is done for him to remove the obstruction and then close this temporary diversion. You need to see a paediatric surgeon in your town for this. Your son will need an endoscopic procedure (through a telescope). Presence of occasional pus cells is not a major worry as long as he is gaining weight and does not have fever. Meanwhile, continue the furadantin.


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