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What is vojta therapy and where is it available?

Q: My son, now 1 year old, got fits when he was 40 days old. But it was controlled by drugs. He has yet not reached the milestones like sitting, crawling etc. The doctor had said the possibility of cerebral palsy. One of the physiotherapist suggested him physiotherapy. He used to cry, smile watch TV listen to other sounds, turn upside on belly (started when he was around 4 months), take objects in his hand and we had noticed that he likes dark colours. First he was given Gardinal Tablets (Phenobarbitone) at that time he was very active. Now he is being given the following medicines: Topomac 50 mg, Lonazep 1 mg, Encorate, Cognitol. After we started the following medicines most of the time he is sleeping (may be due to sedation) and had a cut-down in his external activities. His EEG was not normal and doctor had said some problems with the right portion of the brain. I would like to know about the therapy called vojta or voita. Where can it be done in Delhi?

A:Vojta therapy is a pioneering therapy in the sphere of child development named after it's founder Dr. Vojta . He developed this therapy to deal with the problems of motor rehabilitation to teach correct movements to the cerebral palsied child and to avoid building of a wrong movement pattern in the child. It basically deals from the time when the child has no organised mobility to the stage when the child can pass rapidly and alternately into the monopedic posture. You can try this therapy in the following centres in Delhi. 1. Enabling Centre, Lady Irwin College, Sikandra Road, New Delhi-110001. 2. Spastic society of Northern India, 2, Balbir Saxena Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016. 3. Association of Multiple Handicapped children, B-56, Defence colony, New Delhi-110024.


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