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What is varicocoele and is it associated with infertility?

Q: I am 21 years old male. My scrotal Doppler ultrasound report diagnosed me suffering from bilateral varicocoele. The doctor said that I will have infertility problems in future and there is no treatment for it. Does bilateral varicocoele lead to infertility? How it can be treated?

A:Varicocoele is common and affects approximately one of every five males. Most varicocoeles are asymptomatic and never require any intervention. While all varicocoeles are not associated with infertility, some infertile males will have varicocoeles. It has been observed that sperm count may see a rebound in up to 70% sub-fertile men to a varying extent after surgical correction of varicocoele. There is, thus, no cause and effect relationship between varicocoele and infertility. Gross varicocoeles may have to be corrected for dull pain in some men, as well as in adolescents with risk of testicular atrophy.


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