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What is the yellow spot in my child's right eye?

Q: I am an Indian but now employed in Dubai. My son is 16 year old and studying in class ninth in Jamia Millia Islamia senior secondly school in Delhi and lives in school hostel. I went on vacation and saw a yellow spot in his right eye on the white portion but attached with black portion of a size of 3-4 mm radius in the left eye and also found in the same position but the size is 2mm radius. It seems like in a starting stage. I had no time to go to an eye specialist because of his exams. There is no pain or any other problem. I told my brother to contact an eye specialist as soon as his exams get over. Is it very harmful in the long term? Which type of disease is this? Is it curable? Will the spot vanish after proper treatment? Is it due to lack of nutrients or what is the main cause?

A:Pingueculae are small yellowish areas of degenerative conjunctival tissue that develop on the white of the eye, next to the iris. They are very common. They may be on one side or both, and they may or may not involve both eyes. The connective tissue under the conjunctiva changes its molecular structure as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light. Thus, individuals from warm climates or sun worshipers are more likely to develop this benign change.


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