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What is the treatment of vertigo in patients of menieres disease?

Q: I am suffering from Meniere's disease from the past 6 years. I get frequent attacks with vertigo, vomiting, sweating, motion, abnormal noise, loss of hearing, heavy giddiness etc. My right ear is completely blocked and I can't hear from it. The left ear also has low hearing. I have been to several ENT specialists, but they were of no help and I am still getting the attacks frequently. All other tests are normal. I have no sugar or BP problems. All blood tests and urine test are normal. My ECG, CT scan and endoscopy is also normal. I have tried all medicine systems like homeopathic, ayurvedic, younani, allopathic and used their medicines as well. Right now I am using Betaserc. How to overcome this and protect myself in future?

A:In case of intractable vertigo in patients with Menieres Disease, a recent advance (actually not so recent) has been the use of Intratympanic injection of Gentamycin. Depending on the residual hearing, three injections are given at alternate day or weekly intervals. In a small procedure under local anaesthesia, the medicine is injected into the middle ear through the eardrum. The results are fairly good. Maybe you need to consider this.


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