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What is the treatment of testicular pain?

Q: I am a 26 years old man having pain in my epididymis on the right side for the last 4 years and it has become comparatively bigger and harder than the left one. Recently, the left epididymis has become thick. I used to masturbate 6-8 times a month. However, I have stopped it recently. I have been taking various medicines including homeopathy and allopathy from Japan, but my testicles still pain, mainly the right one. The medicines reduces the pain but it returns back again after 4-5 hours. Is it a treatable problem? Please advise.

A:While mild testicular pain could occur with fluid collection (hydrocele) or varicocele (fullness of veins with blood filling), thickening of cord and epididymis, a structure close to testis, could occur with chronic inflammations. One of the condition we always worry about in such clinical situation is tubercular epididymitis, which needs to be excluded. You need to see a urologist for proper examination and investigations to exclude any treatable disease, and get rid of your pain.


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