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What is the treatment for varicose vein in the testis?

Q: I am a 33 years old man who had an attack of filariasis 15 years back as a result of which the right side of my testis was inflamed and it was paining while driving a two-wheeler. The doctor prescribed me medicines and it became fine. But when the treatment was over I started to have pain in my right testis again and when I checked it again with the doctor he said I am having varicose veins in my right testis. This seems to be an after effect of having filariasis. Most of the time I just ignore this pain. I get pain this sometimes when it is cold or hot. When I have sex or even masturbate, after I ejaculate the gland under the right side of my testis becomes hard, but after some time it comes back to the normal spongy state.

  1. What is the cure for these varicose veins?
  2. Why is the membrane under my testis becoming hard after I ejaculate on my right side?

    A:Most common cause of testicular pain (called orchalgia) is trauma or inflammatory conditions. Both occur acutely and subside after a period of time with treatment. Chronic orchalgia may occur due to varicocoele or chronic prostatitis, both of which have been diagnosed in your case at different times. Other causes of testicular pain could be referred pain, as occurs in cases with ureteric stones. Answers to your pointed queries are:

    1. There is no medical treatment for varicocoele. You may use tight undergarments and avoid prolonged standing to avoid discomfort associated with varicocoele. Surgery for varicocoele has no correlation with impotence.

    2. Reference to "gland" under your scrotum is vague, and it needs to be examined by a Urologist who would be able to explain its significance.


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