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What is the treatment for stomach cancer?

Q: My friend's wife, about 35 years old, has been diagnosed with carcinoma of the stomach. According to the doctor, there is a 2nd growth (12 x 11.5 x 10 cm) compressing the uterus causing bilateral hydronephrosis. She has a poor appetite and chemotherapy has been advised. She is on Tocitoxil and Ofaliclatin every 21 days. I would like to know what is the best treatment option available for her?

A:The patient has advanced carcinoma of the stomach. Surgery is the mainstay of treatment. After giving 2-3 cycles of chemotherapy, repeat CT scan can be done and if there is good response, patient should be operated. Frontline chemotherapy protocols use drugs like taxanes, platinum, 5FU epirubicin. Your patient is getting a combination of first two drugs.


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