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What is the treatment for sores on the head?

Q: I have got few sores on the back of my head. These sores keep coming continuosly. As it becomes few days older it becomes dry, fragile and drops down and again the new sore will come up. These sores comes only on back of my head. I have little dandruff problem too. I have nice thick hair. Once one doctor told me that I got these sores because of thick hair. He prescribed one lotion, but that was of no use. Please tell me the cause and prevention of this problem. Also my hair has stopped growing, I look bald on a small area on both sides. This happened a few months ago. One doctor said it is due to high tension, stress. Is it true? He prescribed one cream which I used continuosly for few months, but to no avail.

A:Regarding the sores on the back of your head, two conditions come to mind. One is when the bacteria that cause boils begins to live on a part of your skin, repeatedly causing boils in that area. That condition can usually be cured by proper antibiotics and, in addition, local scrubs. Another condition that comes to mind occurs when curly hair is cut short so that the hair as it grows turns into the skin, causing irritation. If your hair is not curly in this area and the sore are not occurring where hair is cut short, this is unlikely. Skin conditions require a trained eye and are not diagnosed at a distance. You should see a doctor, at best one specialized in skin conditions, for both of your problems.


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