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What is the treatment for rhino-sinusitis?

Q: My husband is a sinusitis patient for the last 3 years. Now he has been detected with sinus polyps. The ENT specialist asked him to do a CT scan of PNS. The report says - Retention Cyst left maxillary sinus. The doctor prescribed one month's medicines i.e. Monteck LC, Nazaflo, Cedesofe, Maculab and then advised endoscopic surgery. Will the above mentioned medicines be helpful for my husband? What is the diagnosis? Will there be any side effects, if my husband does the endoscopic operation after a month?

A:Rhino-sinusitis is inflammation of the nose and sinuses and these often coexist. Allergy is a common cause for this. Other causes may be infections, local irritation, effects of changes in weather etc. The first line of treatment is always medication; similar to the ones your doctor has prescribed you. It would be prudent to assess the response to this medication taken over a minimum of say 4 weeks and then decide on the need for endoscopic sinus surgery. It is not uncommon to find retention cysts or small polyps as a result of rhino-sinusitis. These do not always require surgery and depend on the symptoms and the appearance on CT scans. Unless your doctor suspects a sinister diagnosis, there is no harm in waiting to have the surgery.


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