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What is the treatment for retropritoneal ganglioma?

Q: A friend of mine has been operated for paraganglioma-retroperitonial. Are there any future complications, including the possibility of cancer? Report: Specimen: left retro peritoneal mass; Gross: An escapsulated, previously bisected soft, dark tan mass measures 6*5*4 cm cut surface shows a shaggy cavity with a brownish wall of varying thickness. Microscopic and diagnosis: Paraganglioma, retro-peritoneal. Nests of cuboidal cells with amphophilic cytoplasm; vesicular nuclei; rich vascular net work; no vascular emboli seen. Please advise.

A:Retropritoneal ganglioma, if excised completely, is potentially curative. However, six monthly checkups are required. Only in a minority, the disease can relapse.


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