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What is the treatment for recurrent bartholin cysts?

Q: I have had Bartholin's gland cysts twice. And every time I had it, I had a surgery for incision and drainage. Both the time the cysts were very painful, as a result of which I could barely walk and couldn't even sit properly. Again it has appeared on the left side of the vagina. But until now I have no pain this time. I am sick of these cysts. I've totally no idea why do these cysts recur again and again. I don't know what to do now. Please help. Are there any other methods to prevent these cysts from recurring other than incision and drainage?

A:Bartholin cysts cannot be treated by incision and drainage. Once the opening closes there is chance of recurrence of the cyst leading to infection. They must be treated by creating a permanent opening allowing the cyst contents to drain outside. I suggest you meet a competent gynaecologist who would give you proper advice.


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