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What is the treatment for neurofibroma?

Q: I got married last year and my problem started from that time. My husband has some swellings on his penis and testis. He says that he has neurofibroma Type 1. So when he inserts in me it hurts me very much and the pain is unbearable. He says it is not hurting him then how does it hurt me? We tried using lubricants and condoms but no help rather with the condom the pain was more. It is especially more at the time of ejaculation. Recently he rubbed coconut oil on his penis and also dropped some oil in my vagina with this it was quite OK and there was little pain. Now I am afraid that if I use coconut oil or cooking oil daily inside my vagina it might have side affects so please advise me soon before it is too late.

A:The problem with using oils etc is that it may affect the sperms and you may have difficulty in conceiving. Otherwise there is no harm. The best is to get those swellings removed surgically which are causing more pain, specially the bigger or harder ones. Surgery has no role in treatment of neurofibroma but this is for convenience.


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