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What is the treatment for neck and back pain?

Q: I am a 24 years old man having pain in the middle of my back and in the neck too for the last one month. But I feel the pain only in office and not at home. I am a computer professional and need to work on the computer for at least 8 hours. I am taking Mepar Forte for the last 15 days. Please suggest.

A:Neck pain is very common among computer professionals who constantly sitting in front of a computer screen. Most often this is a result of fatigued muscles. So it is important for you to keep your muscles in good tone. It is a good practice to take a one-minute break after every hour in front of the computer. During this minute you could do what are known as isometric exercises for the extensors of the neck. To explain this in simple language; all you will have to do is sit upright keeping your head, neck and trunk straight. Now with your palm of your two hands push your head forward while you push your palm backward with your head. There should be no movement of the head or neck only the attempt to push should be there. Such exercises where the muscles are tightened by voluntary contractions without actual movement of the joint are known as isometric exercises. The same exercises can also be done by sitting against a wall and pushing against the wall with your head instead of using your palm. This is best possible when you have a stool or chair without a back rest. Otherwise you tend to lean back and your push is at an angle, which is not good.

I have assumed that your pain is because of chronic fatigue from over use in one posture. Occasionally in your age group pain is also because of a disc prolepses in the neck. The physical signs of such a condition are quite obvious to an orthopaedic surgeon / neurosurgeon / neurologist. If your symptoms are not subsiding after three to four weeks of the physical measure that I have suggested, you should get in touch with a doctor for advice.


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