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What is the treatment for mild testicular pain?

Q: I am 30 years old suffering from mild testicular pain for the last 4 years. I have consulted many doctors without much relief. Two months back, I consulted an urologist and underwent the following tests, whose results were - microscopic urine test – normal; Blood test – normal; Testicle ultrasound – normal; Kidney ultrasound – normal (300 ml urine in bladder before urination and after urination 10 ml, size and other things are normal); Prostate – normal. He has diagnosed the problem as spasms at bladder gate. Initially he gave Minipress with painkiller, then Veltom 4 with painkiller then again Minipress 5 mg. I haven't got any relief and still suffering from pain in the scrotum. He says I should continue Minipress to get relief and has ruled out the possibility of Orchitis, epididymitis, and varicocoele. What is the real problem and how long will it take to cure?

A:You have really given a detailed account of your problem to reconstruct the scenario. Only one thing is not clear to me whether you are having a mild testicular pain on one side or both the sides. If it is on both the sides with everything normal, do not bother. We may not be able to figure out the correct cause but orchalgia is a very common condition and is known to disappear over a period of time. In case, the pain continues or increases or any new symptom or sign develops you should see your urologist at that time. If it is only on one side then one remote possibility could be that it may be a referred pain from kidney on that side and the most common cause we find is a small stone. In this case again you should wait for 4-6 weeks and if the pain does not disappear, then you should go to your urologist to rule out any small stone which may not be seen on ultrasound. One should keep in mind subclinical varicocoele and see whether your pain is any better by supporting your testicles with a firm jockey underwear or a testicular support.


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