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What is the treatment for lichen simplex chronicus?

Q: I have got lichen simplex chronicus in both my ankles. According to a histopathology (skin Biopsy) done on 15-12-2002 at SRL ranbaxy Mumbai. No Mycetoma or Granuloma was found or detected. I am suffering from this for last 15 years. What is the treatment for this?

A:The only cure for lichen simplex chronicus is to avoid scratching. Lichen simplex chronicus which I call as Scratch Dermatitis is the direct result of repeated friction to the skin. There are no parasites or fungi to be expected in this any way. One may use any cortisone containing ointment or cream to help the feeling of itching but this should only be considered a help and not a cure. The only cure lies in not scratching.


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