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What is the treatment for fatty liver?

Q: I am a 46y old male (weight 105 kg) hypertensive. A few days back I had a cancer health check up which included a surgical and medical examination plus certain tests. The whole abdomen and pelvis sonography accidently revealed fatty infiltration of the liver. Four years ago I had psoriasis and had taken Methotrixin for several weeks after which I was cured. I have fullness of stomach, gas and acidity problem. Kindly enlighten me about the treatment. Rest of the reports are normal. I walk briskly for 50 minutes daily and do dieting. I am non-alcoholic and non diabetic. Can you suggest some treatment/precautions to control the fatty liver and also whether it can lead to any complications in future?

A:A fatty liver can be due to lot of causes but in your case it probably is related to your weight. The methotrexate that you had for your psoriasis is not cause of the fatty liver now. Fat is stored in the body in obvious places but also goes to the liver. The treatment in your case would be to lose weight as there are no tablets that will help this situation. Your question about the complications is an interesting one and is still under much debate. It used to be thought that it would have no consequences for the future but nowadays it is felt that it may be damaging and in an extreme case may eventually lead to cirrhosis. The best thing that you could do is to continue your exercising but also to make a firm attempt to lose weight.


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